Region of Waterloo
 Water Wagon booking request  
 Thank you for requesting the Region of Waterloo Water Wagon for your upcoming event.   

1) This is a municipally sponsored event in Waterloo Region      
2) Event takes place between June to August. May and September dates are subject to staffing availability      
3) Event is open to the public and is non-restrictive      
4) Event has a minimum attendance of 500      
5) Event is over four hours in length taking place for the most part during daylight hours      
6) Staff available to assist with setup, cleanup and to cover breaks      
7) Bottled water will not be provided free of charge while the Water Wagon is at event      
8) Event will place Water Wagon in high traffic location that is 8 metres by 5 metres with a 5 metres clearance accessible by towing vehicle      
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